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Welcome to Scotland No2 Branch website

Welcome to the new and improved Scotland No2 Branch website we hope you will like it please visit us to keep up with the latest news, or links find out who your current branch officers are by clicking on the Scot reps link or the news feed, national dispute or branch sections link which we are building and adding to everyday. You can even go to our contacts page find us through our contact information for Scotland No2 Branch headquarters where our office is based or along with this website why don't you connect to our Social Media forum's Facebook, Twitter.

Join us and Keep up to date with the latest news and along with other useful contacts we offer a electronic submission's form so why don't you send us your feedback, suggestions and inquiry's (keep it just a wee bit nice) we will get back to you as soon as we can and we even have a link if you or a friend would like to be a Scotland no2 union member.

Connect with us today at

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