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Divisional Update following yesterday’s National Briefing with National Officers.

Scotland & Nth Ireland Division Update

Dear Colleagues,

Divisional Update following yesterday’s National Briefing with National Officers.

Dave Ward:

Began thanking every CWU Rep for their hard work and describe them as a credit to the CWU.

He also stated the recent fall in RM Share Value as a reason for their current position introducing Executive Action, describing it as a Panic Reaction.

Furthermore, stating RM’s Plan/Strategy is completely Undeliverable, he then raised the points:

Can we stop RM separating Parcelforce?

Can we convince RM we a new solution/model for Deliveries,

Can we convince RM that their Strategy is wrong?

Dave also raised the subject of Technology stating we should not oppose technology but oppose its application.

He concluded that the CWU immediate task is to win the biggest YES Vote and avoid any legal action against the ballot.

Terry Pullinger:

He informed the delegation and urging all CWU Reps to give it everything we’ve got to ensure the maximum turnout and return a YES Vote in the upcoming ballot.

He also stated that we can beat the previous ballot and that the CWU’s struggle would inspire a generation of working people.

He raised the current issue that several Divisions are facing through Executive Action which involves the removal of CSS Machines, Alterations to Duty Patterns, Unagreed Revisions, clearly stating he fully understands the potential reaction of Unofficial Industrial Action being taken but pleaded with the Reps to keep their discipline.

Stating these provocations are a tactic to achieve a reaction from the membership because they are petrified of the result from the national ballot.

e concluded stating that following the national ballot is concluded, if RM ask for further discussions that the CWU will refuse to begin negotiations while any of these Executive Actions remain in place.

Guest Speaker 1:

Ann Alexander from UCU offered support and solidarity to the CWU. Stating they also are in involved in a programme of Industrial Action over Rising Workloads, Pay Inequality, Job Insecurity, and Pay Devaluation.

She said we CWU have the Four Pillars we UCU have the Four Fights. Explaining the taken of strike action by the UCU. If strike action by the CWU goes ahead then both Unions should support each other’s Pickets and Work together to raise public support, Together We Can Win.

Guest Speaker 2:

Francis O’Grady TUC General Secretary pledge her support and solidarity from all 6 million UK Trade Unionists for our members struggle against RM.

She praised the CWU for the way we are engaging with our membership.

She also urged RM to return to the negotiating table and commit to resolving this dispute and honoring our National Agreements.

This was followed by further contributions form Davie Robertson, Mark Baulch, Andy Furey.

There were also contributions from several Representatives from the floor.

We will continue with Updates as the day’s/weeks progress.

A Statement by the Scotland & Nth Ireland Divisional Committee.

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