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Joint Statement Between Parcelforce Worldwide And The Communication Workers Union

Joint Statement Between Parcelforce Worldwide And The Communication Workers Union On The Review Of Depot Customer Service Resource Alignment Against Declining Call Volumes

Branches and representatives will be aware that in line with the commitments contained in the Parcelforce Annex of the Four Pillars agreement, review activity has been taking place under the Terms of Reference between Parcelforce Worldwide and the CWU for Customer Service Activity Across All Teams 2018/19 (LTB’s 345/18 & 361/19 refer see attachments below).

In addition to the above due to a decline in call volumes, analysis has also been taking place via the established Table of Success Customer Service Joint Working Group (CSJWG) in relation to the level of telephony required in PFW Depots.

Call volumes in Parcelforce have continued to decline year on year with current volumes running at 28% down on average against the direct comparison for the same period last year. This decline in telephone contact is partially due to the successful implementation of other mediums for customer enquiries

Analysis has identified that in 10 PFW Depots less than 20 calls are answered per day. These sites were also all identifiable as having ‘hybrid’ roles, where the Customer Service Advisor is also expected to cover a multitude of Admin (non-telephony) tasks.

Through further investigation into these sites the SJWG have been able to ascertain that providing availability to achieve an ever-declining number of calls was not only increasing the pressure placed on these smaller depots, but detracted valuable time away from ensuring that all admin tasks were completed to the high standards expected. The 10 Depots identified are:

1. Inverness

2. Aberdeen

3. Perth

4. Carlisle

5. Deeside

6. Portadown

7. Poole

8. Shrewsbury

9. York

10. Ipswich

The recommendations from the CSJWG and SJWG was that in the above mentioned sites, there should be a cessation in the provision of Customer Service telephony during weekdays Monday to Friday where the calls can be rerouted to other depots. This change will enable the ten depots to focus on other elements associated with Customer Service provision, redelivery conformance, and allow employees within the sites to remain focused on the other tasks within their administrative roles.

Discussions have therefore been taking place with the business in relation to a Joint Statement to facilitate the change, which has now been concluded and endorsed by the Postal Executive and a copy is attached for your information

Branches and representatives will note that recognition is included in relation to the importance of continued training and support for individuals at the affected sites.

It is also confirmed that at the 10 affected sites a telephony service will continue to operate at the weekend, which provides the opportunity to prevent any loss of earnings for employees and enables the continuation of high levels of quality to be delivered to customers.

Call volumes will continue to be monitored on a regular basis to identify and understand any and all future impacts, whether increase or decrease, to ensure that high quality customer service continues to be delivered to meet customer demand.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to

Davie Robertson,

Assistant Secretary,

quoting reference number: 134.02

Davie Robertson

Assistant Secretary


(LTB’s refer see attachments below).




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