Next Tuesday your ballot papers will start dropping through your letter boxes don’t delay in filling them in vote to save your jobs pay and conditions.

If you believe the Royal Mail propaganda machine they have allegedly offered a 6% pay rise to us without consulting our union , they are giving briefs up and down the country by senior managers about their 5 year plan again not agreed or discussed with our union .don't listen too there one sided opinions we have an agreement called the 4 pillars which they signed up too and are ignoring.

We where due an hour reduction for full time staff and the part time staff due another 2,33% pay rise from October the 1st last year, so ask yourself this question do you think Royal Mail have your best interests at heart.

One statement from last week was we won’t have existing employees on a zero contract you don’t have too read between the lines to understand that anyone else coming into the business will not have the same as all the rest off us creating a two tier workforce which the union wil not accept.

RMTV comment from the front man we all know was if we accept their 6% it amounts to a 16% pay rise since 2018 less the 2.33% they owe us makes it a 3.77% over 3 years fortunately we are not that gullible to fall for all that.

WE have an AGREEMENT that gave us all a 12.33% pay rise over the 3 years the union haven’t had any meaningful discussions around the next pay deal so whatever is being offered is a token gesture by the company .

Here is a revelation it has been said that Rico met the senior managers last week and he was a lovely genuine man this is the man who won’t face our senior union officials the same man who gave our parcel force colleagues an ultimatum sign up too a new company or you will be no longer an employee sounds like a real stand up guy can’t wait to defeat him in our new ballot.