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Post Office: Pay Dispute - Joint Statement

No 046/23

2nd March 2023

Dear Colleague


Further to LTB 037/23, the Union held a further productive meeting with Jane Davies, Group Chief People Officer yesterday afternoon. 

We are pleased to report both parties have agreed the following Joint Statement, which was published this morning.

Joint Statement – Post Office and CWU Pay Negotiations

We wrote to you recently, advising we had agreed to refresh our pay negotiations and that new talks were planned. Yesterday we held a further exploratory meeting where we discussed various options on a without prejudice basis.

Both parties felt the meeting was constructive and we have a shared aim finding a solution as soon as possible. There are, however, many complexities surrounding these talks, therefore, we would ask colleagues to remain patient whilst these talks are ongoing.

We plan to meet again next week. In the meantime, both parties will be considering each other’s contributions made during our talks yesterday.

We will write to you again when we have made further progress.

Jane Davies     Group Chief People OfficerPost Office


Andy Furey A/Deputy General Secretary (Postal)

Further developments will be reported.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey

A/Deputy General Secretary (Postal)

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