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Product Recall For 'Black Gated' Mk4 York Containers

No. 228/2021

Our Ref: C25/21

To: All Branches

Dear Colleagues,

Product Recall For ‘Black Gated’ Mk4 York Containers:

One of the Safety issues identified with the Mk4 York Containers was the failure of the ‘clear’ polycarbonate gates (see LTB No. 536/2020 dated 11 November 2020 and the associated RMG SHE Safety Flash).

The Mk4 York Containers in general are safe to use and those with damaged gates should be withdrawn for repair as normal.

However, since introduction, a problem with the ‘clear’ polycarbonate gates has been identified, as the gates are prone to cracking and splitting. To resolve this issue Royal Mail has been working with the Union and the manufacturer ‘K.Hartwall’ who proposed a solution which entails replacing the materials from which the gates are made with a revised material called ‘Curve’ which is a tough, malleable, polycarbonate weave type material, similar to carbon fibre. The weave construction is strong but flexible and less prone to cracking, splitting and breaking.

50 Mk4 York Containers were fitted with the new material gates as a trial and these have been in circulation within Royal Mail’s network for 18 months. Royal Mail and the manufacturer now wish to recall the 50 units for inspection and subject to the new type gates being in a satisfactory wear and tear condition and Royal Mail being satisfied with the performance of the gates, ‘K.Hartwall’, the manufacturer, will replace the gates on all 10,000 Mk4 Yorks at their expense, under warranty.

The Mk4 Yorks with the trial gates are easily identifiable as the gates are solid black in colour as opposed to the standard clear gates.

All CWU Reps are requested to assist with the recall by identifying where the Mk4’s concerned are located – in order to channel them back to Royal Mail’s Milton Keynes repair centre where the evaluation will take place at the end of June.

Your support and assistance would be much appreciated. The end result being an improved, safer and more efficient container type.

See attached poster for the attention of all offices and members.

This is an ‘Urgent Container Appeal’. If any of the ‘black gated’ Mk4 York Containers are located in any of your Branch area offices, they should be retained and reported immediately to: The RM Containers Team will then assist in moving these Containers to the Milton Keynes Yorks Repair Centre for evaluation.

Any Management Enquiries only to Ian McDonald, National Containers & Asset Supply Chain Manager: 07436560875.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

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