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Provision of Visors as Additional/Supplementary PPE

LTB 435/20 – Royal Mail Group – Provision of Visors as Additional/Supplementary PPE For Customer Service Point (CSP) Workers and Advanced Driver Coaches

Our Ref:  C11/20

To:  All Branches

Dear Colleagues,

Royal Mail Group – Provision of Visors as Additional/Supplementary PPE For Customer Service Point (CSP) Workers and Advanced Driver Coaches:

At the request of a number of Branch Area Health and Safety Reps, representations were made to Royal Mail for the provision of visors as an additional, supplementary Coronavirus/Covid-19 PPE item for members working in CSPs and members performing an ADC role. Royal Mail Group have now agreed to provide these items and they have been added to the list of available PPE items for offices.

Please find attached a copy picture which shows the visors that are now available for units to order to complement the facemasks.  These are for use by those in Customer Service Points and for Advance Driver Coaches undertaking driving assessments and training.  Also attached is a copy of the instructions supplied with the visors on how to use them.

LTB 373/20 reported to Branches that all open-plan Royal Mail Customer Service Points (CSPs)/Callers Offices and Reception Areas would have screens installed to support social distancing standards as a Coronavirus/Covid-19 health and safety precaution to separate staff from customers. However, CSP staff reported that they had to on occasion go to the side of the screens when completing transactions and visors would provide a solution.

For Advanced Driver Coaches undertaking driver assessments and training inside LGV cabs, visors were seen as an additional barrier protection/mitigation as ADCs were coming into contact with both employees as well as agency drivers.

Therefore, visors are now available as an alternative option to masks for those employees who work in our CSPs and an additional control for Advanced Driver Coaches. The visors can be ordered through the uniform online ordering portal, and come in packs of 12.

Wearing of face masks and visors at CSPs is a personal choice, however if wearing a visor, it is recommended that visors are worn with a mask. Any Advanced Driver Coaches undertaking assessments as a passenger can also be given access to visors, in this scenario they must be worn in conjunction with a mask.

Visors should be wiped clean with a sanitiser wipe or soap and water before and after use, all wipes should be disposed of in line with existing guidelines. The visor should be replaced if the visibility becomes obscured or steaming up increases due to wear or cleaning. Visors are personal issue, they should be named and not shared between employees.

The visors will be kept under review in order to ascertain whether additional job roles could benefit from their use.

Yours sincerely,

Dave Joyce National Health, Safety & Environment Office

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