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Quality of Service failures – Media Report

No. 168/23

30th June 2023


Dear Colleague

Quality of Service failures – Media Report

You will have no doubt seen the various reports this morning, covering quality of service failures across the UK. The statistics are damning. They represent what our members are seeing and feeling every single day of the week.

The response by the employer – to blame industrial action and sick absence – is both lacking in integrity and honesty.

The CWU have issued a press response, and this is copied below for your information and onward circulation.

Royal Mail are a company in crisis. A financial crisis. A moral crisis. A leadership crisis.

The appointment of a new CEO is now a matter of urgency. As important as the timing of the appointment is making sure the individual who is given the responsibility of saving this great company is somebody that wants to work with the workforce and the CWU.

Our members are currently voting on an agreement which contains significant levels of change. We understand change is necessary. However, Royal Mail must respond by appointing a CEO who wants to deliver that change together by taking the workforce with them.

Unless they employ somebody who is willing to recognise that the workforce is Royal Mail’s greatest asset, then the company will not survive. Restoring quality Q of service cannot be done on the cheap. Royal Mail must invest to grow.

Now is a moment for Royal Mail’s leadership to show humility and a complete change of tact – and our members want to see and feel that immediately.

The union will now be taking the issues of quality of service and the USO back to the government and the BEIS Select Committee. As part of this we will also be exposing OFCOM’s ongoing unwillingness to hear the views of frontline workers on what is really happening to the postal service.


“Responding to the latest reports into mail delays a CWU spokesperson said “There has not been a day of strike action for almost 7 months now. For Royal Mail to still be using this is a reason for quality failures is frankly embarrassing.

In addition, the company points to high sick absence, once again without any self-reflection. The treatment of frontline workers has been appalling and has led to record amounts of postal workers leaving the industry and a crisis of morale. The culture of imposition and fear sees workplaces across the UK stripped to the bone and incapable of fulfilling anywhere near the service the public deserve.

Royal Mail is at a crossroads. It is a company without leadership or direction. The appointment of a new CEO is the most crucial in Royal Mail’s history. It must be someone with a completely different vision. They must also be willing to work with the union and end the failed command and control culture – or the company will not survive.”

Yours sincerely

Dave Ward General Secretary

Andy Furey Acting Deputy General Secretary (Postal)

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