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Rivus Fleet Solutions Redundancies

Rivus Fleet Solutions Redundancies

You will find attached a briefing that was sent to branches yesterday. The contents are self-explanatory. Branches will recall that Aurelius (a venture capitalist company) purchased BT Fleet last year and created the company Rivus Fleet Solutions to take over BT’s Fleet business.

There are over 60 potential compulsory redundancies threatened covering 22 locations. The company however, is dealing with the 22 locations as separate entities and because none of those locations have more than 20 employees at risk of redundancy, the minimum period for individual consultation is just 30 days. It is RVS’s intention for all redundancies to take place at the end of July. They have also said that they don’t see anybody leaving before that date.

The company has advised the union that they will be using the same selection process as used in the last round. However, they have also stated that they do not wish to lose their most productive employees and they will therefore not be asking if anybody wishes to volunteer to go.

It is essential that any member that seeks assistance from branches at IC meetings are supported.

Their proposal also includes changes to attendance patterns. These are largely reducing the daily opening hours at some workshops.

The union has responded to management seeking further information and dialogue, in a number of areas of their proposal. To be clear; no aspect of their proposal has been agreed by this union.

Yours sincerely,

Allan Eldred

Assistant Secretary



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