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Royal Mail Group/CWU Dog Awareness Week 2020

Monday July 6 – July 11

With an average of seven dog attacks on our members taking place every day, the CWU and Royal Mail are highlighting the responsibility of owners to ensure their dogs are kept indoors when their postman or postwoman calls.

Next week is Dog Awareness Week 2020, an annual campaign jointly supported by the union and the business aimed at reducing this hazard for our members, and this year’s theme focuses on the simple steps that members of the public can take to help.

CWU health, safety & environment national officer Dave Joyce says: “Of the 2,500 dog attacks on Royal Mail workers over the past year, 83 per cent of them happened either at the front door or in the garden, but with a few basic precautions, these could be prevented.

“So during Dog Awareness Week next week, the CWU and the company will be asking dog owners to please help to make your postie’s safe by:

•  Keep your dog indoors or in the back garden where it cannot get to the front – the majority of attacks occur in the front garden.

•  Placing your dog in a secure room or fitting a wire letterbox cage/receptacle on the inside of your letter box – many attacks take place on our members at the letter box.

•  Considering the fitting of a secure mailbox on the edge of your property.

“We know Royal that not all dogs are dangerous, in fact most don’t present a problem, but if a dog feels it or its territory is being threatened – no matter what breed – it will be defensive,” Dave explains.

“So this coming week, we’re going to be highlighting the potential risks to our members and also the potential risks of prosecution for owners and the possible loss of their pet if attacks occur and asking all dog owners to please follow these simple steps.”

·         Press Release

·         Royal Mail Dog Awareness Page

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