Royal Mail - Movement of Sorting Frames

No. 344/2020

Our Ref: C25/20

To: All Branches

Dear Colleagues,

Royal Mail - Movement of Sorting Frames:

A growing number of enquiries have been received from Branches and Area Health and Safety Reps in relation to this issue and as to whether local management teams have the authority to move sorting frames around offices and re-organise office layouts during the current Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic in order to achieve and comply with social distancing guidance etc.

This issue has again been raised by the Health, Safety & Environment Department with Royal Mail HQ and as a result the attached “Delivery Take Action - Mandatory Instruction” has been issued to all managers.

This Instruction:

• Reminds all managers that sorting frames must not be moved by local teams.

• Instructs managers that sorting frames and fixtures can only be moved by contractors

authorised by Royal Mail Group Property.

• Informs managers that if frames have been moved locally, the frames must be

inspected and checked to ensure there are no obvious signs of damage or instability,

following a 6-point check-list.

• Asks managers to report all problems to the Royal Mail Group Property Helpdesk for