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Scotland no2 Branch Committee have endorsed the agreement and is calling on members to vote YES

The Full National Agreement for you to read. Vote Yes for your furture. Vote opens 18th January and Closes 3rd of Febuary 2021. Results announced 3rd February

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Download • 154KB

Your CWU Divisional Representatives believe that this proposed agreement protects terms and conditions for the next generation of Postal workers, protects and grows the business providing quality jobs in every community, defends services and provides a decent pay award.

It has been negotiated in difficult circumstances where senior executives wanted to derecognise your Union, break up the Company, introduce a two tier workforce and increase their profits at our and the public expense.

Vote Yes.

Your Branch will be making a recommendation after discussion. If you have questions ask a Rep to get answers from Branch, senior Reps or Postal Executive members - they work for you!

The Ballot opens 18th January.

Use your vote. Vote Yes.

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