Terry Pullinger tells Royal Mail: ‘No justice, no peace’

Postal February 27 2020“Let’s make history and let’s tell Royal Mail, as Paul Kennedy said earlier: ‘No justice, no peace’,” commented our deputy general secretary postal after today’s 500-strong national reps briefing in central London.

Terry had brought the lively gathering to a close with a stirring call to arms, urging the union’s key activists to “give it everything we’ve got” in their efforts to maximise the turnout and YES vote in the forthcoming Royal Mail national ballot.“

We can beat the last ballot,” he predicted, adding that the CWU’s struggle would inspire a generation of working people.“

We can do it – lets go to work,” he concluded, to rousing applause.

With less than a week until ballot papers start arriving on approximately 110,000 CWU members’ doorsteps, regional, divisional, branch and area representatives had gathered at TUC headquarters for the latest updates from the CWU leadership.

As well as an inspiring address from our DGSP, the packed conference also heard a strong and thought-provoking speech from general secretary Dave Ward and gave a warm CWU welcome to guest speaker Ann Alexander, from the education union UCU, which is in the midst of strike action over various issues.

Our other guest speaker, TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady, received an even more enthusiastic reception – her pledge of support and solidarity from all six million UK trade unionists for our members’ struggle won her a standing ovation as the audience rose to their feet and applauded long and loud.

Among the enthusiasm and fighting spirit on show today, however, was a strong emphasis on the crucial importance of collective discipline and restraint in the face of the company’s campaign of provocation around the country.

There are currently 34 requests for local ballots in response to Royal Mail managers’ impositions of various instances of executive actions – ranging from removals of CSS machines and alterations to shift and duty patterns to unagreed revisions – and Midlands divisional rep Paul Kennedy (who made the “no justice, no peace” comment during his contribution) and Bristol & District Amal Branch secretary Rob Wotherspoon gave details of difficult situations in their respective areas.

Nottingham Mail Centre members are under threat of drastic changes to their working arrangements, while bosses at Bristol Mail Centre have threatened to axe 100 jobs – along with a point-bl