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Correspondence to royal mail regards re: social distancing

Correspondence to Royal mail re social distancing

Hi Ricky,

Re: Coronavirus Covid-19 Issues – Social Distancing in RMG – PHE Advice:

I write further to our recent meeting with the Rico Back CEO and others on 19 March, specifically In relation to the latest government and PHE advice on Social Distancing.

The Prime Minister has in recent days been driving forward the importance of the PHE advice on ‘Social Distancing’ and has been urgently requesting at every briefing he gives that people strictly adhere to guidance and has threatened that “tougher measures” may have to be imposed to tighten the rules because of non-compliance which risks spreading Coronavirus Covid-19. Time and again this featured in his daily press conferences over the weekend.

He said its “absolutely crucial” that we all follow Public Health England (PHE) advice and guidance, by all of us “Staying two metres apart at all times” which he added “Is not such a difficult thing to do.”

The question now is Ricky – What is Royal Mail, Parcelforce and RMSS going to do about reducing the risks?

CWU/HQ is currently fielding increasing numbers of queries and concerns expressed by members about this issue because of our current work methods e.g. sharing vans, sharing ‘Bullrings’, sharing Sorting Frames, sharing Drop Bag Fittings, sharing Conveyors etc. In many of Royal Mail’s Offices, especially where Office mergers have taken place, we have a large amount of people in these Offices, where space is at a premium and our staff work virtually on top of each other.

Shared Vans in particular has become a legitimate concern regarding the lack of ‘social distancing’ and no options plus the amount of time partners are out on delivery together.

Additionally, our Members who live or care for vulnerable relatives are also very concerned about the risk of contracting the Virus and subsequently exposing their loved ones to the disease, due to lack of social distancing at work.

The guidelines have been issued for everyone to follow, and the Prime Minister is urgently requesting at every briefing he gives now that they are strictly adhered to. I’d welcome your proposed solutions to these issues. Can you please advise me of what further measures our workforce can now take to help protect themselves and others including vulnerable individuals?

I look forward to your speedy reply to allay peoples concerns, as time is of the essence, and as you, Shaun Davis and the CEO Rico Back said at our recent meeting, protecting the workforce and their Health & Safety is the Number 1 priority for us all.

Your assistance and support on this matter would be much appreciated. I look forward

To your urgent response.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce | National Health and Safety

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