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Further strike dates announced for Royal Mail Group employees

From Scotland Cwu Scot Branch Divisions

Following the Field officers briefing in London today. We will give a detailed report to Area IR reps next week but can update our WhatsApp groups with the following message.

Following the live Facebook session with the negotiating team last night a further detailed report was given to PEC members and Field Officers today.

The CEO Report to the markets yesterday gave an indication of how serious the mismanagement of Royal Mail had impacted on job security and the future of our postal service. We believe the Board and the CEO need to be held to account for the almost negligent decision to squander almost £5b when they knew the mail market was facing decline following Covid.

The CWU believes that the potential for an agreement to protect and grow the business still exists and every effort will be on reaching an agreement to benefit members and on pay, to recoup lost earnings through strike action.

The preference excercise launched yesterday on inferior terms than that agreed by the CWU will attract some applicants, this is a matter of personal choice but the attention of the CWU will be focussed on those who see a future in Royal Mail. We make no apology for that. We note that it would be unlawful for RM to make staff redundant only to be replaced by staff on worse terms and conditions and will challenge that aspect.

On Tuesday we expect every workplace to convene a gate meeting to inform members of the current state of play.

Further strike dates for December have been agreed by the PEC but we sincerely hope they will not be required and that the Board will finally recognise the value of its workforce and conclude an agreement in our mutual interest.

Finally we do not believe that the Government are of a mind to spend legislative time to reduce the USO and we will make certain that the Regulator is aware of the disaster in Delivery offices where mail is constantly being failed each day.

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