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No. 242/23

Dear Colleagues,


Further to LTB 226/13 dated 7th September 2023, a further meeting was held on 21st September 2023 with Lord Falconer and RMG.

As previously reported, both parties submitted 13 priority cases falling into the three particular categories of social media, picket–line and workplace. Whilst Lord Falconer has undertaken an initial examination of the documentation from RMG and the CWU detailed counter-submission, it became evident some case papers were missing. RMG has in recent days submitted these documents to the Review and this will enable Lord Falconer to focus on reaching his conclusions for 26 priority cases.

Accordingly, Lord Falconer is aiming to provide both RMG and CWU with individual outcomes in respect of the 26 priority cases within the next 2 weeks. Both parties will then have time to consider the decisions ahead of the next meeting with Lord Falconer and RMG scheduled for 13th October 2023.

Obviously this continues to be an unsettling time for those Reps and members who have submitted consent forms to be included in the Independent Review, so a letter outlining recent developments has today been sent to each individual.

Evidently there is now a momentum along with defined timelines for Lord Falconer to reach decisions on the first 26 cases. These decisions will undoubtedly have an impact on how the remaining cases are then viewed and this will be subject to a further discussion at the next meeting with Lord Falconer and RMG on 13th October.

Another update will be given following this.

Employment Tribunal Stays

Following last Friday’s meeting, we have agreed with RMG that Employment Tribunal hearings relating to cases included in the Independent Review will now be stayed until 31st December 2023 (previously it was 31st October). Branches and Reps will have to ensure this information is relayed to the appropriate ET Chair, as well as informing Weightmans Solicitors of this agreement should further correspondence be exchanged.

On-line Meeting – Wednesday 4th October, 6 pm

A “Zoom” call for all members and Reps who have submitted consent forms to be included in the Lord Falconer Independent Review will be held at 6 pm on Wednesday 4th October.

Finally, please note that any questions you have should continue to be directed through the dedicated e-mail address –

Yours sincerely

Dave Ward Andy Furey General Secretary A/Deputy General Secretary (Postal)

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