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Video:. Urgent update regarding Cwu Industrial action


The all out strikes on Saturday 12th and Monday 14th go ahead. The rolling functional strikes have been withdrawn to avoid any potential action in the High Court to declare both strike ballots null and void. Such a ruling would allow a claim for compensation from RM and other Parties against the CWU. Claims which could result in six years of fines.

Such a ruling would require another ballot to be run removing the leverage of peak period action. It would have negated the talks at ACAS.

To be fair to the leadership they were pressured into rolling functional strikes by the membership. We knew the difficulties.

Membership records do not reflect movement across the business - for example an OPG on Delivery transferring Units or functions into Distribution or Processing.

Workplace locations need to be 100% accurately notified - for example MGV drivers in Kilmarnock MPU are tagged to Delivery, MGV drivers in Stirling are tagged to Distribution. We have stand alone VOC’s at some MPU’s tagged to Delivery and some tagged to Fleet.

We know that PEC members had spent weeks identifying correct work locations were tied to the correct functional day of action. But we can never be sure.

The wisdom in withdrawing the troublesome rolling strike days in favour of national all out action to protect the legitimate ballot is the right one.

Some members will be disappointed. Most will get behind the Union confident in our cause.

Keep the dispute legal.

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