Rowland Hill Fund

The Rowland Hill Fund provides financial and practical assistance to serving and retired Royal Mail and Post Office employees and their dependants. Most of the charity's funds are used to help people through long term sickness, redundancy or reduction in working hours, severe debt as well as disability and unexpected family problems and relies on employee and pensioner contributions to be able to continue to provide support. 

Distributing grants of some £300K to around 400 individuals and families a year, the fund works with HELP Employee Assistance, the free and confidential helpline which provides a wide range of skills, expertise and resources. The fund doesn't work in isolation either and shares solutions with external charities, large and small. It is not always about money, sometimes just a friendly voice at the end of a phone suffices to help manage issues before they become problems.

The Rowland Hill Fund is a registered charity set up more than 100 years ago as a memorial to Sir Rowland Hill, the great postal reformer, who introduced the Penny Post. A board of trustees from all walks of life - including serving and former staff - administers the charity.