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The Branch is our members and resource page/pages for our CWU Members whatever employment banner you fall under covering employment Policies and Agreements we also keep you updated with the current share price,  also needing to change your details, nominate a Death Benefit recipient or check the current share price please visit.




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Find us through our contact information for  Scotland No2 Branch headquarters   where our office is based or along with this website why don't you connect  to our Social Media forum's Facebook, Twitter  Join and Keep up to date with the latest news and along with other useful contacts  we offer a electronic submission's form so why don't you send us your feedback, suggestions and enquiry's.  


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National Dispute


National Dispute to get a background to our current ongoing issue get the updates, take a look at our gallery of gate meetings and other members activity,  resources for downloading and your latest video media and more just click the link below


The Four Pillars

Through THE FOUR PILLARS CAMPAIGN 2017 and the power of the union  The CWU managed to secure a never before seen terms and conditions package for every postal unit.  To learn more about this historic agreement THE FOUR PILLARS OF SECURITY and why it is playing a vital role in our current dispute.      click on the link below.