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(Families and Allies Supporting Transgender)

A parent led group for families and others of transgender people.

Meetings are held monthly  for more details contact;

Motor Neurone Disease

Motor neurone disease (MND) is a fatal, rapidly progressive disease of the brain and central nervous system. it can leave people locked into a failing body, unable to move, walk and talk. although there is no cure for motor neurone disease,treatment can help to ease symptoms and disability. Below is a link to the CWU fact sheet;

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

IBS unfortunately effect many of our members, below is a link to the CWU information sheet outlining some of the symptoms, and diet benefits; 


Cancer can have devastating impact on our members, family and friends. There are many different types of cancer effecting people in different ways, below is the CWU factsheets with contact details of some help and support organisations;

Two Ticks - using this charter to help disabled workers

The two tick scheme is that gives recognition to employers who are positive to disabled workers. the scheme operates on five key areas to help train and support disabled workers in employment.

Below is a link to the CWU factsheet; 

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