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Agreed National Guidelines for 2021 Realignment Activity to Rebalance the Operation in Processing

No: 058/21

For the Immediate Attention of All:

Postal Branches

Divisional Representatives

Area Processing Representatives

RDC Representatives

WBC Representatives

Dear Colleagues

Key Principles Framework Agreement (Pathway to Change) – Agreed National Guidelines for 2021 Realignment Activity to Rebalance the Operation in Processing Units. (Mail Centre, RDC, WBC)

Branches and representatives will be aware of the commitments related to realignment activity contained within the recently endorsed Pathway to Change National Agreement.

In line with those commitments, discussions have been taking place with the business to conclude arrangements and guidelines for the realignment activity in the Processing, RDC and WBC functions.

Discussions have been protracted but have culminated in the attached Key Principles Framework Agreement (Pathway to Change) – Agreed National Guidelines for 2021 Realignment Activity to Rebalance the Operation in Processing Units (Mail Centre, RDC, WBC) being concluded and endorsed by the Postal Executive (Annex A).

Colleagues will note that the attached agreement captures the commitments contained in the Pathway to Change Agreement Section 2.3 The Approach to Capturing in the Parcels Market and the sub heading Future Revision Activity in Processing and Distribution.

The Guidelines also recognise the difficulties related to the unprecedented impact of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and provide an Interim Processing Resourcing Realignment Strategy and process to enable activity to be jointly progressed. The process is also supported by the principles of the previously agreed Resourcing Realignment Arrangements 2018.

A governance approach has been included with the Guidelines which empowers Plant Managers and CWU Representatives to utilise their local expertise to reach agreement on revised resourcing outcomes. To support the activity the National Joint Working Group (JWG) will establish a mechanism to monitor that activity is being jointly signed off locally and that it is compliant with all National agreements and relevant SOPs and SSOW. The JWG will also be available to support requests where assistance/clarification is required and will review the ongoing impact of changes post deployment.

The intention of this local activity at each Processing unit is to address resourcing imbalances across all shifts and other associated challenges in relation to efficiency in line with National agreements and ensure that the business is able to respond and adapt to customer demands and enable growth.

In particular, the aim will be to reduce reliance on Agency/External Resource, identify and enable agreed productivity improvements and stabilise the network reducing the requirement for workload diversions or the need for relief operational sites and efficiently align resource to workload to meet the evolving traffic levels.

A joint launch has taken place today for Divisional and Area Representatives in relation to the arrangements and a copy of the materials used is attached to this LTB for information (Annex B).

In addition to the joint launch CWU activities are also currently being planned for our representatives to provide support and assistance in relation to the realignment activity.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, email: quoting reference: 054.06.

Yours sincerely

Davie Robertson

Assistant Secretary

LTB 058/21

Annex A – Pathway to Change – Processing Guidelines 12.02.21

Annex B and attachments below:

Annex B Presentation – Joint Launch – Resourcing Realignment 2021 – Final 15.02.21

Attachement to Annex B Presentation – Model Week 2021 Revisions

Attachment to Annex B Presentation – Annex B – Weekly Resourcing Meetings – Guidance Document

Attachment to Annex B Presentation – Annex C – Processing Resourcing Checklist

Attachment to Annex B Presentation – Annexe A – Guide for MC Short Term Resourcing Realignment 2021

Attachment to Annex B Presentation – Annexe D – Quality Checklist

Extra Info to Presenation – Appendix 2 – A Guide for Regional Distribution Centre and Walk Bundling Centre Resourcing Realignment

Extra Info to Presentation – Annex B1 MC Resourcing Meetings

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