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Dear Colleagues

Following discussions with Royal Mail Group, we are now able to confirm the relevant dates for pay increases and lump sums linked to the endorsement of the Business Recovery, Transformation and Growth Agreement.

PAY The 6% increase will be paid on Friday 4 August, including arrears backdated to 3 April 2023. Monthly paid colleagues (excluding Fleet and PFSL) will receive their increase and arrears in July salaries (pay date Monday 31 July) The pay increase applies to base pay, overtime, scheduled attendance, basic pay supplements, functional supplements, skills, and unsocial hours allowances (except RRIS legacy and reserved rights payments), London weighting and Scottish Distant Islands Allowance.

£500 LUMP SUM The one-off £500 lump sum will be paid to members in Royal Mail, PFW and support functions (excluding PFSL and Fleet) on Friday 29 September.

£900 LUMP SUM (minimum) In addition, the one-off lump sum payment of at least £900 will be paid on Friday 29 September.

The exact amount will depend on the precise number of employees at the time of the payment but will be at least £900 per employee. This payment will also be received by Fleet and PFSL members.

This means a total lump sum payment of at least £1,400 will be paid on Friday 29 September (pro-rated for part-time employees).

IMPORTANT INFORMATION All the payments set out above will only be paid to employees in post on the 4th August 2023.

Fleet members will not receive the pay rise and £500 lump sum at this point. These payments will be subject to the ongoing negotiations with the employer.

SUMMARY The ambition of the CWU was to ensure the payments were made to members as quickly as possible. We have achieved this aim with regards to the pay rise and arrears – this is one of the quickest turnarounds we have seen following the endorsement of a national agreement. We would have wanted to have seen the lump sum payments paid earlier but we are sure members will welcome the certainty of an exact date for payment.

Yours sincerely,

Dave Ward General Secretary

Andy Furey Acting Deputy General Secretary (Postal)

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