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Covid 19 Royal Mail communication to all managers.

Royal Mail have sent the communication below to all managers. It is vital this is shared as widely a possible. Every single local rep must engage with local managers tomorrow morning.

We will update you tomorrow following our meeting with the company.


Our priorities in light of coronavirus are clear. They are:

  1. Protect our people – health comes first

  2. Protect our country

  3. Protect our company In light of coronavirus we have made some temporary changes to our operational processes to increase social distancing and continue to support our ‘health comes first’ principle. Government advice is that, wherever possible, people should stay two metres apart in order to manage the risk of exposure to the virus. This builds upon a number of measures we’ve already put in place in the operation.

  4. New ways of working in delivery Delivery office managers should ensure that the following changes are put in place:

  5. One person, one van rule. There should be only one person in a Royal Mail vehicle at any one time. This could be implemented in a number of ways. For example, completing walks on foot in a starburst approach from the office, using a remote start option or changing shift patterns to allow dual use of vehicles

  6. Arrange indoor and outdoor operations to adhere to the two metre social distancing guidelines

  7. Cease WTLL sessions, and implement small touchpoint huddles adhering to social distancing rules

  8. Everyone should wash their hands when coming in to and leaving the office, as well as at regular times during the day

Operations managers will arrange conference calls with delivery office managers first thing ‪tomorrow morning‬ to go through these changes in more detail. Different processes will be needed in different offices. Local solutions and collaborative working are key. There will not be a one size fits all solution. On these calls, we will work through any other detailed options to increase social distancing.  Please discuss these with your operations manager, your CWU rep and your wider team to see what will work for your unit. The list is not prescriptive or exhaustive. If you have other ideas that are safe and can be deployed then please feed them back through your line manager. Please brief your teams in small huddles, observing social distancing guidance – not WTLL sessions – at the earliest opportunity.

  1. New ways of working in processing In processing, the following changes are being put in place:

  2. Standard ways of working are being revised to ensure that, wherever possible, people stay two metres apart

  3. Processes have been reviewed to minimise passing of work between colleagues

  4. Cleaning of PDAs will be required when handing over between colleagues 

  5. Good hand hygiene must be maintained to minimise the risk of any infection

Detailed standard operating procedures will be provided to assist best practice in work areas. Further information will be cascaded through the line tomorrow. 

  1. New ways of working in distribution In distribution, the following changes are being put in place:

  2. Social distancing protocols will be put in place in the traffic offices for handover of keys and instructions to drivers

  3. PPE must not be shared between individuals

  4. Ensure all tools, such as PDAs, are cleaned after use

  5. Face to face handovers need to be completed two metres apart, wherever possible

Detailed standard operating procedures will be provided to assist best practice in work areas. Further information will be cascaded through the line tomorrow. Keep up to date with wider changes The situation regarding the spread of the coronavirus is fast-moving. The safety, health and wellbeing of our employees, members of the public and the communities in which we operate is paramount.

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