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CWU 2022 Diary

No. 499 /21


Dear Colleagues

CWU 2022 Diary

Branches who have ordered diaries should now be in receipt of them. If you have not received your diaries, please advise Marcia Murray.

It is not too late to place an order and you can do so by completing the attached order form. Please note we have sold out of desk diaries. The CWU pocket diary is priced at £1.75 each.

We continue to offer bulk discount on the pocket diaries on orders of 1,000 or more for £1.40 per diary.

All completed order forms and enquiries on this LTB should be sent to Marcia Murray who can be contacted on

The diaries are available for immediate dispatch.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Webb Head of Communications, Engagement and Media

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