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CWU/RM – Joint Communication – Collection Revisions Update & Supporting Materials

No. 220/2021

For The Immediate Attention Of All:

Postal Branches

Divisional Representatives

Area Distribution Representatives

Area Delivery Representatives

Area Processing Representatives

Dear Colleagues

CWU/RM – Joint Communication – Collection Revisions Update & Supporting Materials

Further to LTB 157/21 dated 12th April 2021 which detailed the National Joint Statement for Future Collections Activity including the 2nd Hour SWW Introduction.

As indicated within the previous correspondence RM and the CWU have been in discussions to review all aspects of the Collections Revision Process and all associated supporting materials, as such we have now agreed the following Joint Communication:

  • RM/CWU National Collections Revision Guide (2 x Documents, Planner & Unit Led) attached to LTB as Annexes A and B.

  • Planner & Unit Led Revision Checklist/Documentation List (including all embedded documents) including Model Agreement Sign Off – will be added to the CWU share point via the below link in coming days and further information will be circulated once finalised:

  • Collections SWW Planning Guide – attached to LTB as Annex C.

  • Area data packs listing postboxes that have been identified to move to Collection on Delivery – this supports the 3 year flightpath set out in the Joint Statement issued on 12th April and will be circulated separately to CWU Divisional Representatives for sharing due to file constraints.

Any issues concerning the interpretation, application and/or deployment of the activity and the Collection Revision Process should be raised with the respective departments. The CWU members of the Collections Joint Working Group led by Tony Bouch & Martin Walsh PEC Members, remain available to provide support and guidance to Branches and Representatives.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to:


Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary,

email: quoting reference number 714.14


Department, reference,

email address: quoting reference number 555

Yours sincerely

Mark Baulch Davie Robertson

CWU Assistant Secretary CWU Assistant Secretary


  • RM/CWU Joint Communication

  • Annex A – Planner Led National Collections Revision Guide

  • Annex B – Unit Led National Collections Revision Guide

  • Annex C – Collections SWW Planning Guide

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