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CWU Submission to BEIS Committee on Post Pandemic Economic Growth

LTB 456/20

18th September 2020

To: All Branches

Dear Colleague,

CWU Submission to BEIS Committee on Post Pandemic Economic Growth

The purpose of this LTB is to circulate a copy of the submission produced by the Research Department to the BEIS Select Committee inquiry on Post Pandemic Economic Growth, which has been agreed by the NEC.

The inquiry is looking at the options available to Government to secure our economic recovery from the impact of Covid-19, covering investment, industrial strategy, jobs, skills, and sustainable growth. The document calls for a number of measures in line with the

CWU’s labour market and economic policy objectives, including:

  • A new deal for workers with a significant improvement in employment standards and workplace rights.

  • An end to insecure employment and poverty rates of pay, backed up by a genuine commitment to labour market enforcement.

  • Investment in the UK’s communications infrastructure and a Government commitment to genuinely universal full-fibre broadband access and the continuation of a high quality universal postal network.

  • A better recovery from the coronavirus pandemic to create a stronger, fairer, greener economy and to stop mass unemployment, in line with the TUC’s ‘Better Recovery’ proposals.

The union has been pushing these issues independently and through the TUC with the government over the summer and with motions to TUC Congress on a new deal for workers and a democratic economy which were attached to LTB 442/20.

We are holding a session on a New Deal for Workers at the CWU engagement event and will be communicating with branches about the next steps for the campaign and our wider political demands following this.

Any queries on the contents of this LTB should be addressed to

Yours sincerely

Dave Ward

General Secretary

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