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CWU Your Voice in the Workplace – ISSUE 6 June 2024

No. 213/24

TO: All T&FS Branches


Dear Colleagues

Your Voice in the Workplace – June 2024

Please find attached the June Workplace Bulletin.

We will be sending you out a limited print run (approx. 10 per cent of branch membership) of this Edition, which should reach you by the end of this week for distribution to your reps to take into workplaces.

You also have the link to print immediate copies and/or to print off more copies.

It is crucial that branches are distributing the monthly bulletin in every workplace. The purpose is to ensure members are receiving written content from the union directly into their workplaces, so your role in that process is integral.

Thank you for your support and please contact us with your feedback on the Bulletin.

Yours sincerely,

Karen RoseDeputy

General Secretary (T&FS)

Chris Webb

Head of Communications


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