Election of CWU National Executive Council, Industrial Executives & CWU Assistant Secretaries - 2021


Please note this LTB contains IMPORTANT information

for immediate distribution and display throughout your branch

Dear Colleagues,


· CWU National Executive Council

· CWU Industrial Executives

· CWU Assistant Secretary TFS 1

· CWU Assistant Secretary TFS 2

· CWU Assistant Secretary TFS 3

· CWU Assistant Secretary Postal (Technical Services/HR Procedures)

Further to LTB 034/21 dated 1st February 2021, which contained formal notification of the timetable for the above elections.

The NEC has now approved the regulations for the above elections which are attached to this LTB for your information. In addition to the regulations, due to the revised size composition of the NEC, a supplementary document containing the election arrangements and guidance has also been produced to assist branches and candidates in the forthcoming elections.

Branches should be aware that the regulations for the above elections contain a number of changes including revised arrangements for the dispatch and return of nomination forms.

Branches are therefore advised to review the regulations in order to make themselves familiar with these changes.

Please note that in respect of the CWU Assistant Secretaries; Legal Services and Health Safety and Environment, the NEC has taken the decision that it is necessary to continue to defer the elections for these positions pending the outcome of the Redesign Project review of CWU HQ structures.