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Joint Communication From Royal Mail And The CWU Regarding The Deployment Of Scan In Scan Out (SISO)

No: 285/2021

For the Immediate Attention of All:

Postal Branches

Divisional Representatives

Area Processing Representatives

Area Distribution Representatives

RDC Representatives

WBC Representatives

Dear Colleagues

Joint Communication From Royal Mail And The CWU Regarding The Deployment Of Scan In Scan Out (SISO) In Processing Functions

Branches and representatives will be aware that activity that has been taking place in relation to the deployment of Scan In Scan Out (SISO), formally known as Automated Hours Data Capture (AHDC).

Attached for information is an agreed Joint Communication, to provide an update on activity that has been taking place in the processing functions. Colleagues will note that attached to the document are Processing Deployment Guidelines (Annex A).

Also attached is FAQ sheet which details questions and responses from Joint Launch activity that took place on the 1st July 2021 (Annex B).

In terms of the Processing Deployment Guidelines, extensive discussions have taken place to conclude the document, which has been endorsed by the Postal Executive.

The Processing Deployment Guidelines document recognises the key principles and enablers for the introduction of the SISO equipment focusing on the reason for deployment, the protection of individual’s privacy and supporting consultation and negotiation as outlined in the Industrial Relations Framework. Commitment has also been obtained from RM that SISO data will be used in compliance with Royal Mail policies and GDPR regulations and the contents and spirit and intent of the 2018 Guiding Principles.

The document highlights that joint working at sites must commence at the start point for deployment activity and be maintained throughout.

Both parties should take joint ownership of all steps and in doing so ensure the following:

  • Scan In/Scan Out will be the underlying technology tool used as the automated solution for employees to log in and out when an individual starts/finishes work and capture collective hours of attendance. Scans will only be required from employees aligned to the unit. This must include everyone who performs operational work, including those attending for OT/Rehab duties from other sites. Employees based at distant units will not be required to scan in or out when visiting the site as part of their duties.

  • The automated solution across all Mail Centres and RDCs is consoles. However, there may be some large Parcel Sort Centres and Hubs (NDC and future hubs) where, due to the number of people and site layout, Speedstiles may be installed. National Joint Working Group will agree the list of all units with their unit specific automated solution i.e. Consoles or Speedstiles.

  • This list will form part of this TOR as an Annexe A.

  • The location of consoles and Speedstiles will be agreed locally, by the CWU and RM, before the design is finalised and signed off by the Plant Manager.

  • The use of Speedstiles at any site will be for the express purpose of signing in at the start of the duty and signing out at the end of the duty and where possible, will be located close to the unit’s primary entry/exit point.

  • Speedstiles will not act as a barrier or be used to record or control the movement of employees within the confines of the building during their shift.

  • Only start and finish scans will be displayed on the dashboard to support resourcing arrangements. In-between scans will be discarded. No local manager will have access to any data other than individual’s start and finish time.

  • Movement between work areas and time on / off the operational floor will not be monitored / captured via SISO and manual processes will continue as current.

  • Consoles will be placed at an appropriate location agreed locally, preferably near existing signing on areas and/or close to the route to entry and exit to the operational floor. At sites included in the original AHDC TOR, i.e. PRDC, Greenford and Warrington, Speedstiles will be removed in line with the principles agreed this TOR.

  • Agency consoles will be installed for the use of agency and casual workers; installation locations will be agreed locally.

  • Local plans must be deployed in such a way that all employees feel respected and trusted coupled with their privacy being honoured. At no point must employees feel contained on the operational floor or being monitored, in line with the agreement. Therefore, joint local communication and engagement plans will be deployed in advance of the installation. This will inform our employees of the objectives of the project, what changes to expect on site and ensure they are aware of how to provide feedback to the project team.

  • It is the responsibility of every RM employee to record their attendance by actively scanning in and out when they start and finish work. RM and CWU will work together to promote participation to ensure scan compliance is 100%.

  • Installation plan to be jointly risk assessed.

  • All Communications and engagement activities to be jointly agreed.

  • The SISO project deployment lead will attend each unit and ensure co-ordination of all activities and report regularly to the Plant Manager and Local CWU representative on progress/issues for resolution.

  • Ensure contractors fully understand locally agreed plan of installations; any input, advice or caution from contractors to be addressed jointly.

To support the deployment activity, each unit will be required to conduct a post implementation review twelve weeks after commencement of SISO. This activity will enable joint analysis and assess whether the local deployment plan is achieving SISO’s agreed key principles, the quality of data being produced, start and finish scanning compliance and detail any learnings from the activity.

The department believes that the attached document now provides robust guidance for our representatives in the processing functions covered and ensures full CWU involvement from the earliest opportunity in relation to the SISO activity.

Please note that separate discussions are currently taking place in relation to SISO activity in Delivery Offices and therefore the attached documentation is applicable only to the processing functions.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, email: quoting reference: 733.03

Yours sincerely

Davie Robertson

Assistant Secretary

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