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No. 001/2021

Dear Colleagues


Branches are advised that the following Joint Statement regarding social distancing in

Supply Chain (all workplaces) has been published:


Social Distancing in Supply Chain

Post Office, Unite and CWU are continuing to work together to ensure we

prioritise making the workplace as Covid-secure as possible. Our aim in

collaboratively working is to enable us to react quickly to any challenges that


As essential workers we all recognise the importance of continuing to operate,

especially as many in society and across local communities and in particular the

most vulnerable rely on us to provide the services they need.

It’s clear that we are seeing infection rates climb and areas being hit by this

new strain of highly contagious CV-19, and we have also seen more areas move

into Tier 4 lockdown as a means to slow down and control the rate of infection.

The Health, Safety and Wellbeing of colleagues is our number one priority so it

is essential that everyone follows the advice that has been given, utilising

without fail the PPE that is in place to protect us all. Therefore, everyone must

continue to follow the guidance below:

• Everyone must respect each other’s space and maintain social distancing at

all times. It is easy to forget this when dealing with an issue or when

engrossed in work, but it is essential we keep those safe distances between

each other.

• Continue to follow the good advice on keeping hands clean at all times.

Regular washing with soap and water or hand sanitiser, wearing gloves

where available and being mindful when touching common surfaces such as

door handles etc.

• Wear a face mask when you are moving around operational units – ideally

keep one on at all times you are in the workplace, but absolutely wear one

without fail when moving into communal areas.

• Ensure that before you enter a room it is safe to do so – no small meeting

room should ever have more than 2 people in at a time, rest areas such as

staff canteens should have a maximum of 5 people who continue to be

socially distanced at all times this may mean break times need to be


• Signing on areas and entry / exit points should also be limited to no more

than 1-2 people at a time.

• Continue to reach out to your manager, union safety reps or safety

champion and highlight anything that puts colleagues at risk.

• Car sharing should not be undertaken under any circumstances unless those

sharing the car are in the same support bubbles – use face masks and keep

windows slightly open to ensure that air is moving constantly.

• Ensure you are following the Tier advice that pertains to your own area of

residency and when you are out and about continue to follow the Hands

/Face / Space message at all times.

The next 4-8 weeks are going to be crucial in order to continue to keep

ourselves, our Postmasters, our DMB colleagues and customers safe and well,

while efforts continue to bring the rate of infection down.

We will of course carefully monitor all related developments from government

and communicate these accordingly. If you are unsure or need further

clarification on the above, please speak to your manager or union rep who will

advise you. You can also find further details on the Hub Coronavirus microsite

or government Covid19 website.

Russell Hancock Phil Savage Andy Furey

Supply Chain Director Unite the Union CWU Assistant Secretary

Post Office

Branches and Representatives are urged to bring this LTB and associated Joint

Statement to the attention of our Post Office Supply Chain members.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey

Assistant Secretary


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