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Lord Falconer Review - Justice

Lord Falconer Review - Justice

A conclusion has been reached in both the initial conduct cases reviewed by Lord Falconer and the subsequent discussions between Royal Mail Group and the CWU. The outcome of both has been directly communicated with the impacted CWU members.

We are pleased to relay that justice has been delivered. Over 100 CWU members have won the right to return to their job. Many more have had this original conduct warnings reduced.

This is a turnaround of an unprecedented scale. This must be seen as nothing other than total validation for the unions original call for an independent review, you as members backing that and our insistence that it formed part of any final agreement.

There are very limited numbers of members whose decisions were not overturned. This was always going to be the nature of entering an independent process. We have engaged with and will continue to support these members.

There are also a very limited number of cases that require further judgement from Lord Falconer. Again, we are in contact with and will fully support these members in a bid to reach a successful conclusion.

93.1% of the original decisions have been overturned. This could increase as the additional cases reach a conclusion.

We want to use this communication to deliver some very clear messages.

Firstly, if anyone doubted the influence and strength of this union then today you have been given the most emphatic answer possible. To understand the overall context and the magnitude of this achievement then we would recommend all members take the time to read the collective agreement in full

This result should be a boost for every single member of the union. We must now take that into the workplace and resolve the ongoing issues we have with the employer and their attitude towards too many of our members.

The fact that Royal Mail Group have not contested the outcome of the Lord Falconer review and have agreed to apply the principles of his decisions to the remaining cases as part of a collective agreement, is a strong indicator that they are willing now to finally move on from the dispute. The new CEO has been clear on this point.

The union has been ready to do this for a long time. What we now need to see is the same levels of commitment to reach agreement applied in all our negotiations and at all levels.

Finally, it would be appropriate to say thank you.

To the members and representatives who have waited months for justice. You deserve this day. And to our members, whose support delivered this moment - never doubt you own strength.

Now we move on and tackle the wider issues. This moment should be seen as the platform to do that.

Yours sincerely,

Dave Ward General Secretary

Andy Furey Acting Deputy General Secretary (Postal

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