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No.    015/24


Dear Colleagues


Further to LTB 345/23 sent to Branches on the 22nd December 2023, the purpose of this LTB is to confirm arrangements for our National Briefing and provide an outline of the scope of the restructuring programme.

CWU Restructuring National Briefing – Tuesday 30th January – The Mercure Hotel Manchester – 11:00 to 15:00 

The above date and venue has been confirmed for the National Briefing and Branches are asked to make this a priority commitment.

Attendance is extended to senior Branch representatives, including Health and Safety. 

Given the Young Workers Conference is being held the following day at the same location; we would encourage Branches to also bring their young workers’ delegates to the National Briefing.

The full agenda will be sent out nearer the briefing date and will include a session for all Branches on recruitment and organising.

Scope of the Restructuring Programme

As mentioned previously in LTB 345/23, the NEC has agreed that the following key principles will provide the framework for a significant element of our proposals. 

This means Branches can expect papers and appropriate rule changes from the NEC on all the key principles set out below:-

  1. An overall headcount reduction and cost savings in the National Executive.

  2. An overall headcount reduction and cost savings in the Postal Executive.

  3. An overall headcount reduction and cost savings in the Telecoms and Financial Services Executive.

  4. An overall reduction in the cost and number of CWU Regions.

  5. A material reduction in the current rate of Branch rebate.

  6. A restructuring of our approach to Health, Safety and the Environment

  7. A restructuring of our approach to Legal Services and involvement in Unionline

Additionally, the report to Conference will also cover the following:-

  • A clear vision for the future of the CWU as a sustainable independent trade union.

  • A financial plan for the future of the CWU.

  • The introduction of further changes at CWU Headquarters.

  • A strategic review of recruitment and organising.

  • The ongoing approach to Equality, Training and Education.

  • How we will build on our approach to communications and engaging members.

We will provide more detail on all the above at the National Briefing.


Proposals to Change and Reduce Branch Rebates

Any proposals to change and reduce the current rebate will need to assess the impact such changes will have and how we can support those Branches that could possibly find themselves with some difficulties financially, this could require a phasing in of any agreed new arrangements.  We will also take the opportunity to consider the overall fairness of the current system, taking into account geographical differences.

CWU Headquarters

At the National Briefing, we will explain the approach we are taking to introduce further changes at CWU Headquarters and provide an update on future plans to relocate to a new building. 

Financial Update

The Briefing will provide the opportunity for a financial update, including information setting out the clear need for a future membership subscriptions increase. 

Restructuring on a Phased Basis

The restructuring programme will be in two phases.

Phase 1 – this will include proposals and rule changes deemed essential to be agreed at the Special Conference in April.

Phase 2 – this will cover the issues where we believe a more structured approach is required over the next 12 months.  In the second phase we will launch a series of wider consultations, including a review of CWU Branch structure and consistency/standards of membership representation across the union.


Whilst we recognise that we are working to difficult timescales, we will make clear at the National Briefing that the restructuring programme will be presented in a way that offers Branches very clear choices.  As such, the content of this LTB should enable Branches to consider the principles agreed by the NEC and commence internal discussions on any changes you believe may need to take place in the areas identified.

Finally, following further discussions with the SOC, more information will also be sent out in due course on the arrangements for the Special Restructuring Conference and the publication of the overall report.

Any general enquiries should be addressed to the GS office on, any specific enquiries on conference arrangements should be addressed to the SDGS

Yours sincerely

Dave Ward         

General Secretary      


Tony Kearns                                      

Senior Deputy General Secretary   


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