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LTB 061/24 - CWU Online Course Applications

No: 061/24       




Dear Colleague,

CWU Online Course Applications

Branches will be aware that the new Membership Portal is now LIVE.

The full 2024 Core Programme is now available in the Portal and Branch Admins are able to apply for courses for role holders in their Branch.

A “How to” video is available here

 When applying for courses Branch Admins should make every effort to ensure, the contact email for the applicant is up to date or this will cause delays.

 All applications that have already been made have been uploaded to the Portal.  After course cut-off dates, successful applicants and Branch Secretaries will be emailed with details and authorisation forms in the normal manner. 

Previous courses undertaken are in the process of being added to the new system.

Proportionality Data:

 Branches will continue to be able to view their Branch Proportionality figures and now have the ability to have specific views of their data which we hope will be useful. 

Please forward any feedback or enquiries relating to this LTB to in the first instance.

Yours sincerely,


Kate Hudson

Head of Equality, Education & Development

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