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LTB 062/24 - Royal Mail Group: BRT&G Agreement Section 6.4.1 - Sick Pay Arrangements

No 062/24

8th February 2024

Dear Colleagues,

Royal Mail Group: BRT&G Agreement Section 6.4.1 – Sick Pay Arrangements

Further to LTB 056/24 dated 6th February.  We are aware that since this week’s payslips have been received there have been enquiries from members starting to repay monies owed due to the changes to sick pay as per the BRT&G Agreement. 

We recognise the process and calculation for repayment is complex however Royal Mail have provided assurances that, in line with our Agreement on the application of the new sick pay arrangements, they have deducted no more than the £50 maximum in this week’s wage. 

That said, Royal Mail acknowledge there are a very small number of cases where issues have been identified and these will be made good via BACS payments to the appropriate members this week.

A further Joint Statement (attached) has been agreed to provide reassurance and clarity and this includes an explanation of how the repayment of monies are reflected on payslips.  Additionally, the FAQs have been updated.  Branches and Reps are encouraged to ask members impacted to access the Sick Pay Recovery tile on the People App for guidance on how overpayments are being managed. 

The tile enables individuals to see the total overpayment amount, the rate of recovery per pay period and the number of pay periods before the overpayment will be cleared.  Members can also call the Payroll Helpline on 03456 060 603 for assistance.

 The Joint Statement also enables members to retrospectively seek an exception in line with the Agreement.

As a reminder, the maximum deduction will be £50 per week for full-time members and pro-rata for less than full-timers.  

If there are any cases that exceed this amount, please ensure this information is provided to the DGS(P) Department as a matter of urgency so that representations can be made to address concerns.

Yours sincerely,


Martin Walsh

Deputy General Secretary (Postal)       


Andy Furey 

 Assistant Secretary

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