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LTB 189/24 – Royal Mail Delivery of Election Material 2024

No. 189/24

Dear Colleagues,

Royal Mail Delivery of Election Material 2024

Following the announcement by the Government on 22nd May to hold a ‘snap’ General Election on Thursday 4th  July, the purpose of this LTB (Letter To Branches) is to provide Branches, Representatives and members alike with the relevant and key details of our National Agreement covering the delivery of election material, which follows recent discussions with Royal Mail.

In line with the National Agreement, the unit payment will cover all addressed and unaddressed election material marked or confirmed as “Election Communication” and Poll Cards (excluding Proxy Poll Cards).

To assist with any questions in terms of what ‘does and does not’ attract the unit payment, please see the following summary, which also outlines the delivery ‘time’ specifications against each election material product type listed:

Election Product

Election Material Product Type

Delivery ‘Time’ Specification

Unit Payment

Poll Cards

Poll Card Mailing Option

Up to 3 Days


Enveloped Poll Card

As per the Product Purchased


Poll Sort

Up to 3 Days


Mail Mark

Next Delivery Day


Postal Vote Returns

Standard Tariff

As per the Product Purchased



As per the Product Purchased


Candidate Mail


3 Days (Mon to Friday only)



7 Days (Mon to Friday only)


Election material that attracts the unit payment should be delivered in line with the normal delivery product specification standards, although where this is not possible due to local circumstances, sensible conversations should take place between the individual and their manager (with a CWU Local Rep, if required) to agree alternative solutions inclusive of other means of delivery or carrying over to the next day etc.

Claiming of pressure overtime is not permitted for delivery of election material. This does not detract from claiming overtime for normal excess mail on delivery.

In setting out the above, it can also be confirmed that the unit payment will be paid to all members within deliveries, who deliver election material, including new starters and those employed from December 2023. Whilst this should not be in question, it nonetheless felt necessary to clarify this point upfront given the level of enquiries received concerning this in May of this year and during several local Council and Mayoral Elections.

It is also relevant to point out that there may well be additional postings, including D2D items, issued locally by Parliamentary Candidates or political parties, which are over and above this election material, which is free for the candidate and funded by the Cabinet Office.

Such postings do not attract the unit payment and therefore should be delivered in line with the relevant delivery product specification standards. They would need to be viewed as normal bulk postings and handled as excess mails on delivery, if necessary.

Finally, Royal Mail have confirmed that Poll Cards for the General Election will now start to arrive in local Delivery units, if not already, and that Parliamentary Candidate’s election material will start to arrive for delivery from 10th June.

It is hoped that this information and confirmation in terms of our agreement covering the delivery of Election Material will be timely and of assistance.

Any enquiries to the content of this LTB should be directed to the Outdoor Department reference 535.09, email address:


Yours sincerely,

Mark Baulch

CWU Assistant Secretary


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