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Message From Dr. Shaun Davis Global Director Compliance & Sustainability (02.12. 20)

No. 582/2020

Our Ref: E1/20

To: All Branches

Dear Colleagues,

Royal Mail Group, Message From Dr. Shaun Davis Global Director Compliance & Sustainability (02.12. 20) – ‘Covid-Secure’ Compliance & Managers’ Actions:

Attached please find, for your information a copy of the most recent communication to Royal Mail Group Managers and staff from Dr. Shaun Davis Global Director Security & Sustainability on ‘Covid-Secure’ compliance.

Summary of key important items covered:

At our request – the communication contains an “Important reminder to all managers to monitor and encourage employees to comply with Covid-19 preventative controls and all managers to continue high compliance” as follows:

  • Face Masks are mandatory indoors and must be worn correctly over the nose and the mouth.

  • Hands should be washed regularly, at least every two hours and more if you are about to eat or following use of the toilet facilities.

  • Hand sanitiser should be used in between hand washing.

  • Comply to social distancing (2M).

  • Don’t attend work if unwell with Covid-19 symptoms (temperature, cough, smell & taste loss).

  • Wearing a face covering does not replace good hygiene standards and social distancing, it is an additional measure.

  • Managers must continue to use weekly SMATs and monthly inspections to monitor compliance to coronavirus control measures.

  • Managers to ensure adequate monitoring and supervision in place and identify any shortcomings in social distancing or hygiene and act without delay.

  • Managers to regularly remind staff of the ‘Covid-Secure’ rules.

  • Managers to walk the floor and challenge non-compliance.

  • Managers to update risk assessments.

  • The cleaning of touch points is important to help reduce the risk of virus transmission.

  • Regularly sanitise common touch points in the workplace.


Public Health England have updated their guidance on the use of ‘Face Visors’, which advises that a face visor or face shield may be worn in addition to a face mask but not instead of a face mask. This is because ‘Face Visors’ or shields do not adequately cover the nose and mouth.

Those with Exemptions in Royal Mail – Visors Are Better Than Nothing!

Those with an ‘exemption’ to wearing a face covering and who can/are currently wearing a face visor or face shield should continue to wear the face visor or face shield as this offers more protection than wearing nothing at all. This is recommended and encouraged but is not mandatory for those with a legitimate exemption.

RMG ‘Free’ Flu Jab Scheme

The free flu jab offer closes on 31 December 2020. Over 8,000 RMG employees have had their free flu jab since 1 October. Lloyds has confirmed that additional vaccine supplies are in stock – members have a month to take up the offer.

Sharing Food Warning

The communication warns people not to share food in work as this presents a high risk of spreading Coronavirus/Covid-19.

First Class Support ‘Free’ Helpline

For those in distress, suffering stress or anxiety or seeking access to ‘free’ independent counselling services – Call 0800 6888 777.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

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