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New Mk3 York Container Faulty Yellow Handle Grips

No. 494/2021

Our Ref: C25/21

To: All Branches

Dear Colleagues,

New Mk3 York Container Faulty Yellow Handle Grips:

A small batch of new Mk3 York Containers which were part of the 133,500 Yorks purchased from manufacturer ‘K.Hartwall’ this year have been found to have faulty Yellow steering handle grips which are opening either during transit or when in operational use and the grips do not close or stay completely closed at the top. This was found to be due to an injection moulding issue which has now been addressed.

The supplier K.Hartwall believes this may have affected between 10,000 to 15,000 Yorks, most of which have not entered the Royal Mail network and were intercepted prior to roll out. Working in consultation with the CWU Health, Safety & Environment Department, the manufacturer has agreed with Royal Mail both an interim fix and a longer term repair, replacing the handle grips. The interim fix is being deployed with a new handle grip, additionally strengthened using a specialist tape.

Any Mk3 Yorks found in service with faulty handle grips (SEE ATTACHED PHOTOGRAPHS) should be removed from service for repair by a York Repair Team.

Any problems or queries managers should either contact:

or telephone:

National Head of Assets Gary Yeo – 07872 636537

National Asset Supply Chain & Containers Manager Ian MacDonald – 07436 560875

National Asset Operations Manager Clare Smith – 07872816461

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

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