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New Uniform Range Trials (The New Performance Wardrobe)

No. 067/21 22nd February 2021

National Terms of Reference – New Uniform Range Trials (The New Performance Wardrobe)

Dear Colleagues,

For some time now discussions have been taking place with Royal Mail in relation to trial activity of a new uniform range, recognising that a number of the existing standard uniform items have been in place for some 10 years or more.

These discussions have now been concluded and the attached Terms of Reference have been agreed by the Postal Executive; also attached are images of the new uniform range.

Whilst the Terms of Reference are self-explanatory, in summary the new uniform range due to be trialled, is a complete refresh of the current uniform and builds on some of the latest commercial design and fabric developments. More importantly, this also takes into direct account frontline employee feedback received over the past few years from the workplace Uniform Roadshow visits.

The new uniform range (which Royal Mail have entitled The Performance Wardrobe) will be trialled across 11 different job roles within Royal Mail Group and includes some 340 frontline colleagues who have all agreed to be involved and who have been selected to ensure both a gender and age profile representative balance.

Clearly, the wider relevance of this trial on uniform against the ongoing everyday challenges and strain, faced by members who continue to provide the UK with essential services during the Covid-19 pandemic, isnfully understood. Nonetheless, the union wholeheartedly welcomes the trial and what is hoped to be a real improvement to the current uniform.

Any queries to the content of the above please contact Mark Baulch, Outdoor Department, email address:, quoting reference 500, or to Davie Robertson, Processing, Logistics, Parcelforce, International, Quadrant Department, email: quoting reference: 005, or to Carl Maden, PTCS Department, email address:, quoting reference 420.

Mark Baulch CWU Assistant Secretary

Carl Maden CWU Assistant Secretary (Acting)

Davie Robertson CWU Assistant Secretary

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