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Pathway to Change Agreement- Customer Experience - Delivering the Shorter Working Week

No. 217/2021

Dear Colleagues


I am pleased to advise Branches that following detailed negotiations with Customer Experience we have reached an agreement for the introduction of the Shorter Working Week which will take effect from Monday 28th June. Our part-time CE members will also benefit with a commensurate increase in their hourly pay rate from the same date.

The following Joint Statement has been agreed:

Dear Colleague,

Pathway to Change Agreement – Delivering the Shorter Working Week and Enhancing the Customer Offer

Customer Experience and CWU are working together in developing key business policies, mutual interest solutions and a new culture, which is at the core of the commitments contained in our National agreements, including the Key Principles Framework Agreement (Pathway to Change).

We will be reducing the working week from 34hrs down to 33hrs and we expect this to be achieved through 15-30mins alterations to duty start / finish times and work is already underway to implement this. We would also like to confirm that c.260 part time employees will benefit from a commensurate increase in their hourly pay rate. It is expected that this change will take effect from Monday 28 June.

To enable the Shorter Working Week and acknowledging changing customer demand and behaviours, we have agreed a roadmap of changes which follow joint consideration of our resourcing challenges and the need to enhance our customer offering, with flexibility being key. These activities are important in delivering a broader plan to meet the objective of delivering a better and enhanced service to customers.

Change of any kind takes time to fully discuss and agree, and we are both committed to driving transformation that benefits both the customer and you. We must continue to change and adapt, and we believe our plans will strike a good balance between improving your Terms and Conditions and focusing on our customers’ changing needs.

As our discussions move forward, we will communicate more key updates. Once again, thank you for your continued efforts and dedication in helping to deliver for our customers every day.

With best wishes

Susan Howlett Andy Furey

CE Director CWU Assistant Secretary

High level negotiations linked to the Pathway to Change agreement are ongoing with regards to a better customer offer which includes extended opening hours across our Customer Experience sites. Regular engagement with our CE Reps is taking place regarding these talks, with our Reps fully involved via the creation of six Joint Working Groups and they will therefore have the opportunity to influence the outcome. Further details will be provided once we have an agreed way forward; however the principle of extended opening hours is established.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey

Assistant Secretary

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