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Post Office: Joint Statement - Covid-19 Update

No. 093/2022

1st March 2022

Dear Colleagues


We have agreed a Joint Statement with Post Office and Unite in regard to Covid-19 that addresses the recent easing of restrictions announced by Government. The JS also takes into account the varying positions in respect of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

We have agreed to maintain the cautious approach and where appropriate adopt a similar protocol across the UK nations. The main emphasis is continuing with safe working practices (including enhanced cleaning throughout March), which we will continue to jointly review on a weekly basis.

Specifically, we have agreed that in the event of any member testing positive for Covid-19 they will not attend work for at least 5 days (7 days in Scotland). Prior to returning to work, lateral flow tests are encouraged at various stages to have confirmation of being negative.

Risk assessments for those critically extremely vulnerable and vulnerable members will continue to be undertaken by line managers.

Additionally, we have agreed that face coverings will continue to be worn in Crown Offices in Scotland and Wales and is strongly recommended in England and Northern Ireland. In Supply Chain units, members must also wear face coverings when moving around, away from workstations. These measures are designed to protect members as we wish to avoid, where possible, any sudden rises in infection rates arising from the easing of restrictions.

The above measures will continue to be jointly reviewed and further changes will be reported as necessary.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey Assistant Secretary

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