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Post Office Pension Scheme members – watch out for online seminar

Wednesday 1st July 2020

Key information for all members of the Post Office Pension Plan (Defined Contribution Scheme) will be made available in an online seminar broadcast next Wednesday (8th July) and the Wednesday after (15th). 

“It would be advantageous if members of the scheme can tune in on either day– it’s the same content and both broadcasts are scheduled for 1pm,” says CWU assistant secretary Andy Furey.

“And it’s going to be recorded, so members can view the information update later if they are unable to watch it live.”

 The seminars follow last month’s launch of a regular Post Office pensions newsletter and a recently established new governance committee – both of which aim to ensure all members have full and up-to-date information about their occupational pensions.

 “We’re strongly committed to full transparency and this is an area where the Post Office has worked positively with the CWU – as well as with our colleagues from the Unite union and Scottish Widows,” Andy explains.

“So please spread the word among your fellow members, and let’s try to make sure everyone gets this important information.” 

This initiative is designed to increase awareness and knowledge as our pension in the future is so vital to all.

LTB 347/20

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