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Branches are advised that following recent discussions with Post Office management, the following Joint Statement has been agreed and published in regard to an interim bonus payment for all Product Specialists:

Joint Statement – Product Specialist: Interim Bonus Payment

As a consequence of the pandemic we have been unable to set targets for Product Specialists (PS) in respect of both travel and mails. This situation is unfortunate however we were mindful that PS shouldn’t be penalised due to the circumstances and we wish to recognise your efforts. We have therefore agreed that all PS will receive an interim payment of £62.50 in lieu of the April-June quarter. This payment will be made with the July salaries.

In terms of looking forward we hope to be able to make informed decisions regarding targets for the rest of the year by September. At this point we will review performance against these targets and where appropriate top-up bonus payments will be made to individuals whose performance has been better than the target. Further discussions will take place between us to review these matters when there is greater clarity.

We hope the interim £62.50 recognition payment will be welcomed by Product Specialists.

Thank you for your hard work during these difficult times.

 Steve Blampied                                                               Andy Furey Head of Directly Managed                                          Assistant Secretary & WHS Branch Network                                              CWU

Obviously we recognise that our Product Specialists, especially the Travel Specialists have been working under unprecedented circumstances as the Post Office withdrew its travel insurance and bureau de change services for a number of weeks due to the pandemic. Therefore the usual targets were unable to be met and we needed to find a fair and reasonable solution for the April-June quarterly bonus payment. I am pleased we have reached an agreement for this interim resolution during these difficult times.

Finally, whilst some of our Product Specialist members may be disappointed with the amount compared to their normal bonus payments, the £62.50 should be viewed as an interim, short-term solution. Once we receive greater clarity and agree targets in September, it is hoped that retrospective calculations will facilitate top up payments to be made.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey Assistant Secretary


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