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Provision of Factsheets and Toolkits – Department Review

LTB 089/22

28th February 2022


Dear Colleague,

Provision of Factsheets and Toolkits – Department Review

We are writing to confirm that the Equality, Education and Development department will be undertaking a full review of the factsheets and toolkits that we currently administer.

Our NEC Equality Leads will be assisting us in this process.

Please note that the link used to access factsheets on the CWU website will be temporarily unavailable from today.

It would be helpful if branches could dispose of all old stock paper copies of factsheets and toolkits to avoid outdated literature being circulated to members.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause we hope to have the review completed in the next couple of months and we will update you once this work has been completed.

Any queries on this LTB should be directed to equality&

Yours sincerely,

Kate Hudson Head of Equality, Education & Development

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