Reminder – Post Office Ltd (POL) – 2020 ‘Free’ Flu Inoculation Voucher Scheme Offer To All Staff

No. 537/2020 Our Ref: PO10/20

To: All Branches

Dear Colleagues, Reminder – Post Office Ltd (POL) – 2020 ‘Free’ Flu Inoculation Voucher Scheme Offer To All Staff – Joint Campaign:

During the current Covid-19 pandemic it is very important to get vaccinated against flu this winter.

This LTB is being issued further to LTB 500/20 issued on 13 October 2020 in order to remind CWU Branches and Health and Safety Reps of the importance of reminding members about the ‘Free Flu Jab’ scheme and our recommendation that they take up the offer.

In early October, the Health, Safety & Environment Department at CWU headquarters received the finalised arrangements from Post Office Ltd, for their 2020 ‘Free’ Flu Inoculation (Flu Jab) Voucher Scheme offer to all POL staff and as in the past two years, it has been agreed that there will again be a joint campaign promoted by POL and CWU to encourage all POL members to accept and take up the offer.

The flu can be a painful viral infection for those infected. The UK public health authorities and the NHS estimate that the flu kills on average around 15,000 people across the UK annually. Anyone can catch the flu and spread it to others. Getting a flu jab is the best way to protect yourself, your family and your work colleagues.

The CWU is encouraging members to utilise the ‘POL Flu Jab offer’ which is now available to them ‘free of charge’ and can be obtained from leading high street pharmacies via an on-line voucher scheme this year. We therefore want to ask all our POL CWU reps to circulate this LTB to reinforce the message and remind all members how important a vaccination is this year, encouraging them to take up the offer, whilst also checking if they meet the criteria for a vaccination through the NHS.

POL’s initial plan for 2020 was to issue paper flu vouchers again, as in past years, however, due to concerns about availability of paper vouchers this year, POL has decided to switch to an ‘online voucher scheme’ for 2020.