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RM/CWU – National Joint Statement for Customer Service Point Opening Hours and Review Process

No. 424/20

Dear Colleagues,

RM/CWU – National Joint Statement for Customer Service Point Opening Hours and Review Process Resulting from The Coronavirus Pandemic

Further to LTB 335/20 which outlined the review process in regards to the above, further discussions have taken place with Royal Mail over the last few days in regards to the issue of CSP Opening Times. In line with the National Joint Statement the temporary change in CSP opening times have been under regular joint CWU/RM review since these measures were put in place and introduced from the start of the Covid –19 Pandemic.

Based on operational feedback, changes to government guidelines, more people returning to work and a recent increase in customer visits to CSPs, the decision has been taken to continue the gradual increase in CSP opening hours.

Accordingly, the joint statement which is attached has been agreed with Royal Mail which further extends the planned CSP opening hours across the week from Tuesday 1st September onwards as outlined below;

    • Very large and Large CSPs will open on Thursday from 8:00-20:00

    • Medium and Small CSPs will open on Thursday from 08:00-14:00 and 16:00-20:00

    • Very Large and Large CSPs will open on Wednesday from 08:00-12:00

    • Very Large and Large CSPs will open on Sunday from 11:00-15:00

    • Large and Medium CSPs will open for an additional hour on Saturday, from 08:00-14:00

    • The majority of CSPs will open and close one hour later across the week.

As outlined and supported through the sharing of National data during the Joint Review Process Information on CSPs suggests that currently Thursdays are the busiest days for customers collecting their items, for this reason Thursday will have the longest CSP opening hours in the immediate future, however this aspect and trend will continue to be reviewed on an ongoing basis in addition to all of CSP opening hours in line with the National data.

Attached to this LTB is the file which confirms the new opening times for CSP’s in detail. Local Managers and CWU representatives are requested to ensure that both parties jointly review the CSP size and Proposed hours. It is also recognised that there needs to be flexibility applied as there may be a requirement to review individual CSP opening times where there are reported safety or customer issues with the current arrangements.

Any safety issues with the opening hours or arrangements should be dealt with jointly and reviewed nationally with any safety issues addressed where necessary. In addition, due to local circumstances due to Covid – 19 and any further Government advice these aspects may also need to be considered within the locality.

The National Joint statement also contains the commitment that the resourcing process necessary to increase the opening hours will be carried out jointly between the Local Dom/CWU Representative in each unit in line with National agreements including the IR Framework through the weekly resourcing meeting whilst also taking any individuals issues into account.

The CSP opening times will continue to be jointly monitored on an ongoing basis between Royal Mail and CWU on a National basis. Both parties will continue to review the CSP opening times and the impact on service and this will also be carried out in line with the necessary Government and relevant health authority advice and guidance. It is agreed that the review will include the data and necessary information to scope the viability for a further phased increase in opening hours.

Given these circumstances the approach outlined in the Joint Statement along with the commitments contained within it as part of an ongoing review provides the basis of progressing this issue and we would ask that any issues that are being experienced are dealt with jointly and raised to us in order to inform the ongoing National Review.

Any queries to the content of the above please contact the Outdoor Department reference 600, email address:

Yours sincerely,

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