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RMG – Coronavirus Temporary Driving Controls

No. 197/2020 15th April 2020 RMG – Coronavirus Temporary Driving Controls Dear Colleagues, We have received several enquiries into CWU Nationally in relation to Road Traffic Accidents (RTAs), and post training following an accident. Attached to this LTB is what we have now received from Royal Mail following representations made from the Outdoor Department. The attached document entitled ‘RMG Coronavirus Temporary Driving Controls’ did not have agreement of the CWU, and we only became aware of its existence when it was brought to our attention by some representatives out in the field. We have now had the opportunity to discuss this matter with the Royal Mail manager who is dealing with this issue, and whilst we had no initial input into this temporary process, we have now satisfied ourselves that under the present circumstance it’s the least that can be done to keep things in some kind of perspective. The document deals with: • Temporary controls for managers providing Operational cover for driving vans (Royal Mail up to 3.5T)

• Temporary controls for OPGs moving onto driving duties (Royal Mail up to 3.5T)

• Temporary controls for Agency Workers performing driving duties (Royal Mail up to 3,5T)

• Temporary controls for drivers covering Parcelforce driving duties

• Post-Collision Training The link below is the link in the attached document, that shows pre-driving advice about the road worthiness of your vehicle and legal requirements prior to going onto the road.

While the above are all temporary measures to be used throughout the coronavirus pandemic period only, there will remain the necessity for proper on-the-road training for those who intend to stay driving.

In regard the post collision training, you will note it is down to the judgement of the local manager to consider if it is safe for the driver to continue driving.

You should further note that the current Road Traffic Accident Procedure (RTAP) continues to hold the field in determining blameworthiness, and where minor accidents should be treated as such, albeit, interventions should be discussed and determined locally.

The RTAP has now also been inserted into the Temporary Driving Control document due to our request. Furthermore, all on-road training will resume once things are back to normal, and a note taken of those who will need to complete this. Branches will note that the document includes references to a process for Drivers covering Parcelforce duties. Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary has confirmed that his department has not been approached and that that no discussions have taken place with Parcelforce on the content of the document.

Urgent clarification is now being sought as Parcelforce have a separate, specific Road Traffic Accident procedure and different agreed arrangements for Post-accident Training. Branches will be updated on these discussions accordingly. Any enquires as to the content of this LTB should be directed to

the Outdoor Department, reference 300.02,

email address:

Yours sincerely, Mark Baulch CWU Assistant Secretary LTB-197.20

RMG Coronavirus Temporary Driving Controls

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