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RMG/CWU Business Recovery, Transformation And Growth Agreement Annual leave.

RMG/CWU Business Recovery, Transformation And Growth Agreement – Appendix 1

Seasonal Variation – Annual Leave


The CWU is aware that since the introduction of Seasonal Variation this week, there have been a large number of Branches, Representatives, and members that have raised concerns in terms of how this has impacted and changed individual Annual Leave entitlements both in the PSP system and the Royal Mail PeopleApp.


Accordingly, this has been raised directly with Royal Mail and discussions have been held and continue in order to address this matter.


To confirm, the agreement on Seasonal Variation is clear in that this should not have any detrimental impact on members booked or planned annual leave for 2023/2024, or carried over leave into the next leave year. Therefore, the initial indication is that the changes in individual members' annual leave entitlement is a Royal Mail system issue due to how annual leave is recorded and reported in hours, combined with the changes in attendance patterns under Seasonal Variation.


We know this is a further matter of frustration for members, therefore the purpose of this LTB (Letters To Branches) is to confirm we are engaged in further talks with Royal Mail to find the required and acceptable resolution, which will then be communicated as soon as possible.


Yours sincerely,


Mark Baulch

CWU Assistant Secretary

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