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RMG/CWU Business Recovery, Transformation And Growth Agreement – Appendix 1, Seasonal Variation

No. 191/23

18th July 2023

Dear Colleagues,

RMG/CWU Business Recovery, Transformation And Growth Agreement – Appendix 1, Seasonal Variation

Branches and Representatives will be aware of the commitments contained in the Business Transformation, Recovery and Growth Agreement in relation to Appendix 1, Seasonal Variation, and the very challenging timelines linked to this aspect of the agreement.

In line with this part of the agreement talks needed to start early with Royal Mail in moving forward with the initial pilot activity which started on the 26th of May, for 10 sites, one per Division and listed here:

  • Falmouth DO – South West/South Wales

  • Felixstowe DO – Anglia

  • Sheerness DO – South East

  • Porthmadog DO – North West/North Wales

  • Motherwell DO – Scotland

  • Sheffield DO – North East

  • Ruislip DO – South Central

  • Omagh – Northern Ireland

  • Burton Upon Trent – Midlands

  • East Finchley – London

To support the initial pilot activity, a joint WTLL briefing and FAQ document was developed for the selected sites and weekly catch-up/review sessions were established involving the Local Rep/COM, ADR/OPL, and Divisional Reps/RODs, with these meetings continuing to be held and due to conclude in August.

In parallel with this pilot activity, we have also continued to hold discussions with Royal Mail in regard to the actual wider national rollout of Seasonal Variation within Deliveries, particularly given its September start date. These talks have also covered a number of other and relating points linked to Seasonal Variation including Hours Reconciliation, for employees who leave employment during the Seasonal Variation cycle or who have moved from full time (or 35 hours) to part time, an Exception Process for those who cannot amend attendance patterns due to their specific personal circumstances. These discussions have also factored in and included a number of learning points from the pilot sites.

We have now resolved the key issues listed above and addressed a number of unforeseen early learning issues with Royal Mail which surfaced in the pilot sites. Based on this and the overall timelines set out on Seasonal Variation, the Postal Executive has now agreed that we move forward with joint launch events for local Reps and COMs, (based on ADR/OPL areas), as of the week commencing the 17th of July.

In line with these joint launch events, we have agreed and developed the following documentation: –

Annex 1 – National Seasonal Variation FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) Document.

Annex 2 – National Seasonal Variation WTLL Briefing.

These joint launch events will start this week and will also be attended by ADRs, and Divisional Reps. In addition, further wash-up sessions will also take place for those CWU Reps who have been unable to attend the initial launch events.

Whilst we have agreed to move forward with launch events linked to Seasonal Variations in run up to September, we will continue to review feedback received from the pilot sites, in addition, to monitoring the application of the Exception Process ongoing and which is a new arrangement designed solely for this national roll out of Seasonal Variation within Deliveries.

In setting out the above, and whilst the terms of the BTR&G Agreement have been endorsed by members in an individual ballot, it is clear that there remains a number of wider questions from members in terms of Seasonal Variation. Therefore, we believe that the attached FAQ will assist in answering any of these outstanding questions and further offer clarification on what Seasonal Variation is, and what it is not. It is also important to further remind ourselves that Seasonal Variation is far removed from Royal Mail’s Annualised Hours and Total Flexibility plans, which were a key aspect of the National dispute.

Any queries to the content of the above please contact the Outdoor Department reference 532, email address:

Yours sincerely,

Mark Baulch CWU Assistant Secretary

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