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RMG & CWU Key Principles Framework Agreement (Pathway to Change) ONLINE VOTE GUIDE

CWU Consultative Ballot RMG & CWU Key Principles Framework Agreement (Pathway to Change)


Voting has just got easier and you as a Cwu Scotland No2 Branch member can now vote online as well as the traditional way of postal ballot, we hope this guide will assist in helping you.

When you receive your ballot paper through the post you have two ways to vote.


(1) your traditional postal way fill in your form and send away in the envelope provided.


Follow the link on Ballot paper. Type link Address on the ballot paper in your search engine

You have also been provided with a square barcode (QR code) on your ballot paper which also links to the website to scan the QR code download with the QR app scanner.

Android or Smartphone

Apple device

Please also check your device as some do come with a scanner already provided. It is similar to how we scan a parcel barcode on the PDA a link will come up and please click on the link.

(2) When you are at the voting page your ballot paper comes with YOUR EXCLUSIVE MEMBER two-part security number which using the boxes fill in.

(3) Once you are happy to proceed you will see your options to vote click the box which represents how you would like to cast your vote. Click to proceed.

(4) You will then go to a page which lets you review your option before you officially submit you will also see a back button to go back should you change your choice if happy click your submit button to officially vote.

(5) Your security number is exclusive to you so however you choose to vote you are only able to do so once.

However, you vote is your exclusive right as a member we just ask that you.

Please use your Vote.

Thank you.

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