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RMG Driver/Road Safety Briefing/Communication/SHE Huddle FY22 016 W/C 21.03.22 'More Than a Cyclist.

No. 127/2022

17 March 2022

Our Ref: V4/22

To: All Branches

Dear Colleagues,

RMG Driver/Road Safety Briefing/Communication/SHE Huddle FY22 016 – W/C 21.03.22 – ‘More Than a Cyclist’


The Royal Mail Group Road Safety Manager‎ has informed the CWU/HQ Health, Safety and Environment Department that the RMG Safety Health and Environment Team will be issuing a national driver/road safety briefing/communication huddle next week, commencing Monday 21 March about the national ‘More Than a Cyclist’ campaign and this will be based on the attached SHE Huddle FY22 016 (copy attached) which will be supported by two Screen Shot Posters/Power-point slides which will be shown on the RMTV screens throughout the week across the RMG business to support the road safety message to drivers aimed at raising awareness of safe interaction with cyclists on the road (copies attached also).

“More Than A Cyclist” Campaign

More Than A Cyclist is a social media campaign that asks followers to re-share posts in order to reach those beyond the cycling community. The aim is for drivers to see posts from the cycling community and to re-think their approach to people who ride bikes on UK roads. If you want to learn more, you can follow the More Than a Cyclist campaign on social media or visit their website. By sharing messages, drivers can help change perceptions and save lives. The campaign mission is to make cycling safer, by putting a human face to people who ride bikes. They’re trying to help drivers understand that by simply having patience and giving people room on the road, they could be saving a life.

Visit the “More Than A Cyclist Website” for more information:

New Highway Code Changes and Priority For Cyclists

Recent changes to the Highway Code recognise the vulnerability of cyclists and changes have been made to support a hierarchy of responsibility, so that drivers of larger vehicles protect the safety of more vulnerable road users.

These new Highway Code changes, now in force, are a reminder that all drivers of cars, vans and HGVs have a responsibility towards ensuring the safety of the most vulnerable road users: pedestrians, cyclists, other two-wheeled transport and horse riders. The Highway Code changes involve giving way to vulnerable road users; e.g., key changes include clearer guidance for drivers overtaking cyclists with drivers required to give at least 1.5 metres when they do so. Motorists should give priority to cyclists on roundabouts and at junctions when cyclists are going straight ahead, they have priority over traffic waiting to turn into or out of a side road, unless road signs or markings indicate otherwise.

Here are some ways RMG fleet drivers can help to protect cyclists as set out in the new Highway Code:

1) Give adequate space when overtaking – you should leave a minimum of 1.5m space when overtaking. If you can’t do that, then you should not overtake. Be patient, even if you feel that a cyclist is riding badly or holding you up.

2) Double check when pulling out – make sure you check for cyclists when pulling out of a side road, or across a lane of traffic. It’s easy to miss a cyclist when you are looking for motor vehicles. Don’t try to ‘nip’ out in front of a cyclist – they may be travelling faster than you think.

3) Use the ‘Dutch Reach’ method to open your door – use the opposite hand (i.e. your left hand to open the driver’s door), as this encourages you to look behind so you can check for passing cyclists and avoid hitting them with the door.

4) Give priority to cyclists on roundabouts.

5) At junctions when cyclists are going straight ahead, they have priority over traffic waiting to turn into or out of a side road.

RoSPA – Sharing The Road Together Guide and Advice Sheet

This advice sheet aims to provide simple safety tips for both drivers and cyclists on how we can share our roads together and avoid conflicts caused by not understanding one another’s needs and actions.

It’s easy to forget (especially if you don’t cycle) that a cyclist does not have the same protection which drivers have in a vehicle and that even relatively minor contact can seriously injure them. The RoSPA document produced in 2017 pre-dates the recent highway code changes but gives good comprehensive advice and guidance.

Cycle Statistics

  • 3 million cycles were sold in the UK last year.

  • 160,000 e-bikes were sold in the UK last year.

  • 5 million people participated in cycling last year, either for sport, leisure or travel.

  • 42% of the UK population now have access to or own a cycle.

  • The UK population spent £33.22 million on bikes last year.

  • On certain London city centre roads over 80 per cent of the traffic is now cycles.

Supporting Information

See attached supporting information and that which will be featured on the Royal Mail screens and intranet.

Managers’ Actions

1) Managers to brief drivers on the SHE Huddle FY22 016 content – copy attached.

2) Drivers to be patient and give cyclists the required space as required in the recently revised Highway Code.

3) Consider visiting and supporting the “More Than A Cyclist Campaign” Social Media Pages and website at:

CWU ASR Action

Would ASRs support the briefing and ensure it is delivered in all Units and cascade information.


  • RMG SHE Huddle FY22 016 “More Than A Cyclist”

  • RoSPA – Sharing The Road Together Guide and Advice Sheet

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

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